Saturday, 30 June 2007

BT2 is OVER!!! WOOHOO!!!

YESSSSS BT2 is over finally.... Sigh i think i screwed up again, finally regret not doing enough tutorials... I am gonna start to pia, for prelims, for As. I have to. Go Zhi Kang!

The Night Before Bio
The Night before Bio

More crappy notes
The Night before Bio

The Night before Bio

After BT2 - Lunch @ Billy Bombers with Jonny, Lynnette, Yuhan, Donald and Wengchi
Billy Bombers

Could only grab pics of Jonny cos the others would kill me/destroy my baby if i shot them.

Spasticated by bio


His Pink Bottle
Jonny's Pink Bottle

Great Balls of Fire?!
Great Balls of Fire

Surf n Turf, fish was nice, steak was zzzz
Surf and Turf

Went for Transformers with Jonny, Nette and Yuhan along wif some jnrs.

Blind busker outside Centerpoint
Blind Busker

Lynnette -bigz grinz-
Nette! -bigz grinz-

Bummed @ Kino b4 heading up to Breeks for dinner (which sorta sucked)

Nette's radioactive beverage
Radioactive drink


Combo Platter, not worth
Crap food

Cajun Chicken, sauce is crap.
Lagi crappy

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