Monday, 17 September 2007

Before, During and After Prelims

Sigh... Prelims have been a nagging pain in the butt for the past 2 weeks... 2 more papers to go and i'm already very very very jaded... Seriously, not easy. Sleep-deprivation, over-reliance on caffeine (doesn't really take any effect actually), bad eating habits etc. is screwing my body upside down. Zzz... So since I have like ABIT of time now... Here's pics before prelims, during prelims and nearing the end of prelims...

Took a day trip to Malacca with my parents, cousins and aunt before the hols. Fun. Much needed actually.
The following 3 pics are taken on a car going 60km/h



Pretty cousins. =D


Da simple life... Wish i could be like that sometimes...



Ok, back to reality. Last week, an incident of cloud iridescence was seen in the sky! Pretty colours eh? Not bad, considering this was during first few days of prelims. Good omen? nahhh
Northern Lights in Singapore?!?!?!

Northern Lights in Singapore?!?!?!

A Slice of Life
Managed to catch a slice of life in Sg. =D

Sunset... Caught today. No circular polariser so zzzzzz... Says alot abt prelims eh... Dying... Finishing.soon. As.are.coming.
At dusk...

At dusk...

Hopefully we'll all survive... Somebody save me.

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