Friday, 9 November 2007

Post A levels Schedule

Heh since everyone's jumping on the bandwagon to post whatever they're gonna do after the As... I thought I'd do it too...

22 Nov: Final paper ends!!! Out with choristers!!!

23-25 Nov: Off to Ho Chi Minh city for tour (hopefully) !!! WOOHOO!!!

26 Nov: Go out/rot/laze/shoot

27 Nov: Rehearsals for MFL concert @ TJC

28 Nov: Go out/rot/laze/shoot

29 Nov: MFL concert @ TJC

30 Nov - 3 Dec: Work (if there's any), Prom prep, chiong out, visit choir etc

4 Dec: PROM

5 Dec: Choir chalet

6 Dec: Off to Tekong... -___-

22 Dec: Hopefully book out liao... Carolling! =D

Back to Tekong after that... zzzzzz

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