Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Diva La Futbol '08

Ahhh so I'm back... With highlights from an event wanzw and I recently shot. Dova La Futbol is an annual 1-day futsal competition organised by SMU, with huge support from FAS to promote Football to the female community in Singapore. After watching the girls play, they sure can kick some ass out on the field! Well... Let the pics do the talking! (venue's a great place for footie, but a BITCH to shoot at)

diva k-8

diva k-11

diva k-16

diva k-20

diva k-23

diva k-25

diva k-26

diva k-27

diva k-28

diva k-32

diva k-33

diva k-34

diva k-34

diva k-37

diva k-38

diva k-41

diva k-45

diva k-51

diva k-54

diva k-55

diva k-56

diva k-60

diva k-64

diva k-66

diva k-68

diva k-71

diva k-73

diva k-75

diva k-78

diva k-79

diva k-80

diva k-88

diva k-89

diva k-93

diva k-95

diva k-98

diva k-102

diva k-104

diva k-104

diva k-106

diva k-108

diva k-113

diva k-117

diva k-118

diva k-127

diva k-127

diva k-141

diva k-146

diva k-154

diva k-159

diva k-162

diva k-176

diva k-177

diva k-183

diva k-188

diva k-192

diva k-193

diva k-194

diva k-206

diva k-209

diva k-217

diva k-219

diva k-225

diva k-243

diva k-251

diva k-255

diva k-264

diva k-266

diva k-269

diva k-272

diva k-277

diva k-283

diva k-287

diva k-289

diva k-292

diva k-294

diva k-296

diva k-299

diva k-300

diva k-300

diva k-308

diva k-311

diva k-313

diva k-316

diva k-318

diva k-321

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