Thursday, 12 July 2007

110+ Days to 'A' Levels... =S

Yes... 'A's are drawing near... So prolly gonna be shooting lesser than ever. Shit... Am sleepy now...

Well, it was a rather wet morning after PE yesterday, sat around wif a few choir ppl after makan and just snapped... Wanzw took the first 2, the rest all by yours truly.

inskl 04

inskl 05

inskl 06

inskl 07

inskl 08

inskl 09

inskl 10

inskl 11

Eh? Rain stop le ma?
inskl 12

inskl 13

inskl 14

inskl 15

inskl 16

Cherie and Jianyi appeared together! Again, what's new... =P
inskl 17

inskl 18

Omg Cheryl Chang looks quite angelic here eh? Soft focus effect =P
inskl 19

Kimbo and Nette, they look alike meh?
inskl 20

inskl 21

Trademark JobAng, unsuccessful emulation by Jason
inskl 22

inskl 24

Borrowed wanzw's ST-E2 to play with. SEKSSSS!!!! DAMN I AM POISONED! OFF CAM FLASH ROCKS SHIT!!!

randomm 03

randomm 04

randomm 05

randomm 06

randomm 07

randomm 08

randomm 09

Cousins were over on Sunday so yea just random camwhore =P
jul 7-01

jul 7-02



Aight... I'm bushed, dunno why. Off to sleep.

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