Friday, 6 July 2007

July 6 07 - Monkey Chee's early Bdae celebrations

Ah well.... At least got some good shots today.

Like this pic personally, not becos of subject though. =P
Life After Blocks

Damn bored before Econs
In Class

Wanzw is bored too!
Sinister Growth

Sinister Growth

Dom and Yining mugging hard for 'A's. Shit... 117 days away.
Life Before 'A' Levels

Life Before 'A' Levels

Life Before 'A' Levels

Life Before 'A' Levels

"Guess I shall just take a nap..." --> Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beau

Allswell? Alls NOT well.
Allswell! Really?

Aha! We get to Joe Chee's early birthday celebrations! Nette and Jean decided to embark on a 十连拍 mission but failed cos they missed out number 6. =D

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Nette and Jean 九连拍

Singing Bdae Song
Kaoz damn 打牌 la even Jnrs go back late to CT so that they can sing bdae song. hahahaha

Me likes this portrait. Ooi doesnt. =P


Went off to Venezia to celebrate wif Joe (duH), Joel, Donald, Job, Ooi, Nette, Miaoqin, Yuhan, Yuntian, Sera, Zoe and Xinyi.

New pencil case (FINALLY ONE) for Joe
Oooh joe opens his present while Yuhan and Miaoqin look on... His first pencil case?

Miaoqin, as photogenic as ever.

Divine Intervention?
I LOVE THIS SHOT! Nette praying for divine intervention perhaps?

Homo? Sapiens.
Homo bassos. New species.
Da 3 Basses

Joe! Huh???
Someone: "Eh Joe!!! Joe:"Eh???"

=D =D =D

Sylvester Sim!!!!!

Joe's Bdae Treat
Joe's bdae treat

Bruschetta Pomodoro
My Bruschetta Pomodoro
Bruschetta Pomodoro


Remains of a Macchiato
Remains of a beautifully pulled Macchiato.

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